Who is HR Value Partners and what do we offer?

Vision: HR Value Partners is the place to go for straight forward, practical answers to any HR question and is the most trusted partner in doing the work necessary to effectively manage your workforce.

Mission: HR Value Partners helps businesses succeed by finding, developing and retaining their people. We empower leaders to focus on their core business by establishing an environment in which employees understand and support business objectives, know they are valued and give 110%.


  • Integrity – We tell the truth and follow through on our commitments
  • Partnership – We multiply our value to clients by maintaining a strong network and approach projects with the client’s best interest in mind
  • Quality – Our services are robust and our clients can tell
  • Value – We strive to ensure our clients are better off because they engaged with us and can articulate an ROI

Brad Foley, the founder and Chief Value Partner, brings over 20 years of experience to the table including everything from tactical application of HR policy and practice in a manufacturing environment to Fortune 500 international HR responsibility encompassing all stages and facets of Human Resource Management.

His passion is to bring that expertise to small and medium size companies, providing customized hands-on advice and assistance. HR Value Partners’ clients include companies of all sizes in multiple industries. Brad spent 10 years of his corporate career working with small business, developing an HR function from the ground up, living with the consequences of his policy decisions and partnering with the business to guide it through the all sorts of HR trials.

If you need assistance with recruiting, performance management, or any other HR issue, or if you are considering outsourcing your HR function, HR Value Partners is ready to help. Our business is built on partnership and we are committed to provide practical, hands-on support as you face your unique challenges.

Contact us today for a no obligation consultation and together we can develop a strategy to ensure compliance while also finding, developing and retaining your people.