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Developing your talent pays triple dividends: you meet your needs with a known entity, you retain key employees and enhance your ability to recruit top talent. We will help you evaluate your staffing forecast, succession plan, career development road-maps and a performance management process to. HR Consulting and Outsourcing Services which fall into this category include the following 


Performance Maneagement
True performance management begins with a clear company vision and progresses through the establishment of Individual objectives and metrics. If your managers are resistant to the performance management process or if you feel the process is not driving the desired results HR Value Partners can help. Get Started With Performance Management Information Here
Organizational Design
HR-Consulting-Organizational-DesignEnsuring your organizational structure is aligned with your company size and facilitates efficiency is what Organizational Design is all about. Lets review your Organizational Design Here
Succession Planning
HR-Consulting-Succession-PlanningAs your company grows you will need to find people to fill the new positions which result. No matter how hard you try, there will also be some turnover in your organization but this doesn’t have to be a disruption. Let’s see how we can ensure your Succession Planning is aligned for your business goals HERE
Development Plans
HR-Consulting-Development-PlansKnowing the skill sets your company will require in the future and having a clear succession plan for key positions is important, but you must go further to ensure those plans become a reality. Want to review your Development Plans or start new? Learn more HERE
HR-Consulting-RetentionNo one would argue that it’s in every company’s best interest to keep their best people. It’s also clear that some turnover is necessary and perhaps even desirable. What is the best mix and Retention Strategy? Let’s Review HERE
High Potential Strategy
HR-Consulting-HighpotentialHigh Potential Employees are those with the talent and skills to advance at least two levels above their current role and they should be your top retention priority. Learn how to identify and keep those Employees HERE

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