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Money has limited motivational effect, though it must be competitive to attract and retain talent. Employers of choice don’t have to pay above market. We will help you evaluate employee involvement, community involvement and other initiatives enhance your employees’ work experience and improve employee commitment and retention. HR Consulting and Outsourcing Services which fall into this category include the following 


Compensation Structure
The laws of supply and demand are at work and wages are beginning to tick up, especially for experienced candidates and people with technical, trade and other “in demand” skills. It‘s critical that you understand where the market is for these key people/skills if you are going to attract and retain these key people. Learn more about Compensation Structure Services Here
HR-Consulting-BenefitsWhy do you offer benefits to your employees and what return do you expect from this investment? Likely you offer benefits because you feel if you don’t you will not be able to attract or retain good employees. Let’s review your Benefits Offering Here
HR-Consulting-WellnessHealthy employees miss less work, are more productive and as a result provide a greater return on your investment in them. What is your current Employee Wellness Program? Learn More about this service Here
Employee Involvement
HR-Consulting-Employee-InvolvementHR Value Partners can help you develop an employee involvement strategy which will be both easy to administer and effective at engendering loyalty. To learn more get started Here
Community Involvement
HR-Consulting-Community-InvolvementPotential employees are increasingly concerned with more than compensation and benefits when considering which company to join. What Community Involvement plan do you have in place? Let’s review yours Here

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Midwest IT Solutions

HR Value Partners has allowed us to concentrate on our business growth by making sure we have established best practices in our human resources department. Brad is efficient, responsive, and very knowledgeable. I consider HR Value Partners an invaluable resource.

Xten - Kenosha, WI

I first met Brad 12 years ago when Xten moved to Kenosha. He welcomed us as a neighbor and personally showed us some of the ropes. We stayed in touch and I am glad we did because his new venture HR Value Partners made him available to us on a professional level. His assistance has been instrumental. I recommend HR Value Partners and make sure you ask for Brad!

WISPARK, LLC, - Pleasant Prairie, WI

I really enjoyed yesterday's program! You are such a great presenter! How comfortable you made the entire room. All I can say is . . . you have a calling in life and I think you found it. Thanks again for a great program.


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