Just starting out or preparing to take your HR function to the next level? Either way you need to ensure the foundation of your function is strong. Here are the key components to a strong HR Function

This is often underestimated. “Common Sense” is not always sufficient to ensure compliance with sometimes very complicated labor laws and the requirements apply to employers with as few as 5 employees. Step one must always be an analysis of your compliance risks. Once you address this critical issue you must ensure an ongoing analysis is built into your HR function as labor laws change regularly and may result in “hidden risk”. At a minimum annual updates should be part of your routine. Think of this like insurance against the hidden risk in your organization. HR Value Partners, LLC will conduct compliance audits and help you identify the hidden risk.

Compliance is critical but how you comply is even more critical. Business results cannot be sacrificed in the name of compliance, rather your business objectives must be achieved in a manner consistent with regulatory requirements. This is why carefully crafted policies are critical to your business success. While my focus is primarily on HR, this cannot be separated from broader business policies. Ensuring a smooth linkage between HR policies and operational realities is something HR Value Partners, LLC can help you achieve.

You already know that a well written policy will not deliver results if it sits on a shelf. Well crafted policies are a good starting point but if they are not followed they will not protect your business from liability. Carefully crafted audit plans and performance management systems are necessary to ensure consistent application of policy, efficient utilization of resources and identification of concerns so they can be addressed before they get out of hand. HR Value Partners, LLC can build and administer Organizational Performance Management systems.

Finally, in business if you stand still you will fall behind. The capstone component of the HR Value Platform, which is critical if you hope to move on to the HR Value Multiplier, is a strategic plan for HR. You will promote engagement and growth through strategic HR systems and a strong organizational design. HR Value Partners, LLC will work with you to craft a Strategic HR Plan to facilitate business success. That strategic plan will address all components of the HR Value Multiplier.